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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BS FALL '08 Game 8 Awards

Player of the Game: Ricky 'theKID' Wojcik - Finally healed, and theKID turned in his finest performance playing an outstanding Center field and discovering he could indeed hit a ball. The award, despite rumors, was not won before the game as he posed for Alyson, team photog. Why he was taking his clothes off and lying in a bed of leaves, no will know.

Defensive Play of the Game: Kathy 'I own this bitch', Gennuso - Turned a smooth UNASSISTED double play when a she snagged a line drive and stepped on 1st to end the inning. It was so hot fire, it didn't make the recap so that it could have its own place here in the awards.

Defensive Player of the Game: Sarah 'SilkySMooth' Schabowski - Caught 100% of the balls hit to her, which given the outfield's problems, is a great accomplishment.

More to come based on team quotes

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BS FALL '08 Final Game Recap

The most overdue recap is finally here. I don't apologize for the delay because quite honestly, nothing I could write or think of could ever encapsulate what happened on that field. Our team fought, kicked, and scratched, for 7 innings, and even though we didnt pull it off, we had to be proud.

Bomb Squad vs. Someone's Little Sister Part II

The BombSquad had absolutely no intention of being knocked out of the playoffs on this unreasonably nice night in Fall Chicago. Coming in as 20 run underdogs the BS Crew still had some hope despite having the ass whipping they took a few weeks earlier still on their minds. The crew sprinted out to a lead and quickly asserted their will, playing clutch defense and showing some swagger. It could have been the positive influence of having Team photog Alyson Andrews finally make a game and appeal to the narcissitic side of the squad.

The BS CREW managed a huge 7 run lead despite the Left twins taking a vacation and combining for a 2-8 night. Ricky Wojcik, Ben Ricter, and the Speed demons of Nick and Ed carried the squad. Alex and Ryan injected their special brand of justice, with Tracii and Kelly asserting themselves as well.

The surprise defensive star was Sarah Schabowski, who played a perfect outfield and caught more balls than left or rightfield. also, was on point with all her jokes, baked a cake, and correctly identified three wines in a blind taste test.

As has been the case throughout the year, the inexperience of the team and errors caught up to them. Although, there were some great plays, highlighted by, Nick Cummings turning a double play. SLS, finally broke through and not only closed the lead, but extended their own and finally ended up beating the proud BS crew.

notes: Ed sprained his ankle in the 5th inning, but still was safe at first despite hitting it the SS who was playing in. iz3y did not get hurt. TheKid hit a homer, first game neither Lefty twin (shadez/iz3y) did. Alex Mendoza's option was picked up by the team.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BS FALL '08 Season

Thank you all who played for the BombSquad. It was a tough season, but I think for the most part we had fun and some great moments. I know we wanted to win more and be more competitive, but I think the last game showed that we are not that far off.

This coming winter, I would most, if not, all of us would stay close like a team should and possibly get to the cages every once in a while to let off some steam. I have been trying to organize this bowling league and I will clue you in as I get the details and committments.

Stay classy BS crew....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BS FALL '08 Game 8 Team Check

PLAYOFF GAME at 8:30pm.

I need to know ASAP who is out and who is in. Also, I am leaning towards Blue shirts, but I will put up to a vote:


Friday, October 24, 2008

BS FALL '08 Game 7 Recap

Ninja Rangers vs. BombSquad

The Final regular game of the season and the final chance chance to work out kinks before the playoffs. In typical fashion, the skies opened up and began raining on the BS crew who had a chip on their shoulders and looked very determined. The defense was solid and held the highly ranked Ninja Rangers to 2 runs, which were scored after an error. The BS offense would undoubtedly answer, as cleanup hitter, iz3y! launched a home run to tighten the race for most homers on the team. The Country boy, Ben Ricter, didn't want to miss the party and belted his own blast. The BS crew was off and running.

The game was back and forth and the tension built as the Ninja Rangers began to realize that they were playing a pretty good team. Despite their lofty record, and a guy dressed in full baseball attire (DORK!), the BS crew was never intimidated and played tough until the end. Never was this more evident than when a hot screaming shot bounced off the bionic shin of second baseman, Kelly McCann. That play saved a run and served notice to the NR team that we werent going anywhere. Kelly later made a nice on another hard hit ball, shaking off the inevitable bruise on her shin. Later, reigning 911 award winner, iz3y! took a ball off his right brow causing him to miss half an inning but he stayed on to lead the team to a hard fought unofficial victory.

That Victory did not come without some controversy and venom. In the Final inning, the BS crew entered with a 2 run lead. The Ninja Rangers had the top of their order coming to bat and the mission not to lose. They promptly jumped on the BS crew and scored 5 runs to take a 3 run lead. Leading off was, iz3y, with this being his first at-bat after his injury. He promplty slapped a single to right field, and up came BIG BEN Ricter. Ben Drove a pitch to deep left and iz3y was off to the races. Lil Nick was sending everyone home all night and this would not be his exception. We go to Hawk Harrelson for the call:
"Deep drive to left...STRETCH..STRETCH...its over the head of the left fielder. Coming around second is iz3y and he is being waved comes the relay... iz3y slidessssss, the tag from the pitcher................he bobbled the ball......SAFE..sAFE!!!...and the BombSquad is within two...YESSSS!!!! MERCY!!!"

The Ninja Rangers pitcher was livid. Replays show he not only bobbled the ball, but as he tagged the left knee, iz3y's right leg had already touched home. Ben would score later on an sac hit, and the BS crew was down two. Lil nick would get on, and Kelly would follow after two outs. Up came the fastest runner the BS crew has, Ed Lopez, who carries a perfect on base streak. Ed slapped the ball to the third baseman and because of a slight bobble, Ed narrowly beat the throw. Nick raced from second to score as the Ninja Rangers argued yet another call. Johnner ended the game with a strike out.

Emotions did not end there as the Ninja Rangers were not happy the game ended that way. The BS crew had their own gripe as a run was not oversight by their scorekeepers. Still, BS manager iz3y was very pleased with the team's performance.

"Just happy we came out and played to our potential. We give a lot of games away and hang our heads. This team has too much character beer to do that for too long. I love how people stepped up, and never got down. I hope this feeling can carry into the playoffs, because the records are wiped clean, and it's win or go to the BAR!"

notes: Johnner played in his work clothes, the ball that smashed Kelly's shin was reportedly dented. Kathy Gennuso celebrated her 27th birthday. iz3y did go to the emergency room keeping tradition alive

BS FALL '08 Game 7 Awards

Player of the Game: Johnner 'goGO' Londono - Masterful pitching. Johnner returned to high form and fashion dealing exciting stuff and keeping his team in the game.

Big Stick of the Game: iz3y Lopez / Ben 'Schwinn' Ricter - Two home runs, and a single, led to iz3y scoring everytime. Ben duplicated the performance hitting the ball with equal vigor for a homer and a double of his own.

Nothing to Fear Award: Kelly 'lil TOUGH' McCann - A hot smash of your shin would probably force u to rethink playing softball. It only made Kelly want to play more. She stayed in the game and collected two hits and a very nice stop at 2b.

Save the Day Award: Laura - thanks for showing up on a rainy cold night to save our ass and hit the ball hard. I hope Alex kidnaps u more often and brings u to our games!

SPEED KILLS!: Ed 'lighting' Lopez / Nick 'wheels' Cummings - These guys slap hit and still get on base no problem. Speed kills people, and every week they show it. They play to their strengths and because of them the lineup has been better.

Best Outfit: Johnner 'Business Casual' Londono - Playing in ur work clothes is not advised and should never be repeated. EVER! Still, there is a certain intimidation at work when a guy will try to do this. I am sure it got into their heads!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BS FALL '08 Game 7 Team Check

Hey, we have a game tomorrow at 8:30 pm.

I need to know who is down? Also, KG's bday is Friday, so we we will be celebrating her getting older while she can still remember these times.

If you can't make the game let me know. Tracii, I know your out, so we will need a Woman to step in. Someone find out if we can kidnap Amy or bring a friend.

I also am very aware it is supposed to rain, but since we celebrating anyway, I want people showing up and worst case scenario we toast and roast one of our own.